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Crystal Head Vodka 70cl

An eye-catching skull-shaped bottle for comedy legend Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Head vodka. The bottle is made by Bruni Glass in Italy, and the kosher-certified vodka is made with pure Newfoundland water and filtered through 500-million year-old crystals known as Herkimer diamonds

Gordons Elderflower Gin 70cl

Refreshing Gordon's London Dry gin is combined with the delicate taste of elderflower for a delicious twist on a great British classic. The innovative new blend is ideal for enjoying with friends all-year round.

Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin 70cl

Tangy rhubarb once again is the star of the show, supported by a spicy blend of juniper, black pepper and cardamom.

Bath Tub Gin 70cl

A truly smooth and clean gin with fresh, bright flavours of botanicals. It’s presented just like an old apothecary medicine bottle – Brown paper and string and wax sealed by hand. A unique packaging for a very unique product.

Brecon Five Vodka 70cl

Triple distilled using only 100% grain neutral spirit and married with the purest Welsh water to provide a spirit that is exceptionally clean, crisp and smooth to the taste.

Brecon Gin 70cl

Taken neat, Brecon gin is a big traditional juniper gin laced with coriander and revealing hints of spicy cinnamon. Add a mixer and the citrus freshness of oranges and lemons appear with nutmeg, liquorice and angelica in a supporting role

Coles Premuim Welsh Gin 70cl

Vapour infused making it a light and citrussy gin. Produced in Wales by Coles Family Brewers.

Coles Superior Welsh Rum 70cl

Made using black molasses. Produced in Wales by Coles Family Brewers in their own distillery.

Coles Tasty Welsh Vodka 70cl

Made from 100% barley making a naturally smooth and sweet vodka.Produced in Wales by Coles Family Brewers.
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