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The Pago secret really isn’t a secret at all. Every bottle of Pago contains
nothing more than pure fruit. This means no artificial flavours, no
preservatives and no artificial colourants. And what’s more, Pago is nothing
more than delicious natural fruit in liquid form. That’s why we only use the
very best, sun-ripened fruits for our specialities

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Pago Cloudy Apple 12x200ml

Pago Natural Apple has a refreshingly mellow effect. Its sour, pulpy character wins you over with a sun-ripened, harmonious taste of pure nature.

Pago Cranberry Fruit Juice 12x200ml

Has a tantalisingly tart taste. The smooth, fruity flavour of the aronia berry softens this blend, resulting in a delightfully balanced, harmonious palate-teaser.Enjoy it pure as a delicious aperitif, or try out the famous Manhattan Cocktail.

Pago Mango Juice 12x200ml

Pago Mango is loaded with natural fruit. Lush mangos are combined with fresh passion fruit to provide a velvety full bodied flavour.

Pago Orange Juice 12x200ml

Pago Orange combines a deep, rich colour with a fresh, intense aroma. Its balance of sweet 'n' sour gives it a great taste which is very refreshing. Natural fruit pulp from sun-ripened Brazilian oranges makes it a flavoursome treat.

Pago Pineapple Juice 12x200ml

Velvety smooth and gently aromatic, Pago Pineapple has a delicate hint of honey. 100 % pure juice and nothing else: No sugar added.

Pago Strawberry Juice 12x200ml

The brilliant red colour of Pago Strawberry promises pure pleasure for strawberry lovers. Intensively fruity strawberry puree guarantees that luxurious taste is delivered in every glass.

Pago Tomato Juice 12x200ml

Pago Tomato is popular on its own for breakfast, as a low-calorie starter for lunch or as a relaxing aperitif.
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